I live in Seattle with my partner Kyle. Apart from my work, I’m interested in gardening, botanical art, and rock climbing.

I’m inspired by Puget Sound’s Momentia Seattle, a grassroots movement empowering people with memory loss and their loved ones to remain connected and active in the community. Currently, I help coordinate ‘Friday’s in the Garden,’ a gardening activity for people experiencing memory loss or any stage of dementia, offered by Seattle Parks and Recreation and the UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center.

Here’s my path to science writing about the brain and neurodegenerative diseases, including my family members who understand the experience of brain disease and why I study and write about it, my influences in grad school and writing,  the research escapades I embarked on during the time I thought I would write a book, and then the discovery that I could use all I learned and happily inhabit the worlds of writing and brain research through a much more enjoyable career choice: